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Upcoming changes to the Domain Transfer Policy mandated by ICANN

ICANN has mandated certain updates to the 'Domain Transfer Policy' for enhanced verification when either the Registrant or the Registrar change occurs. This will be effective from 1st of December, 2016.

How does this impact you?

Due to this change, we will be making certain updates on our system with regards to OrderBox and domain transfer related API calls.This is merely for your information and we will send a follow up email. You can find out more about these changes on the ICANN website.

What are the changes? View Revised Policy

Update on EU VAT for Domain Names

Here is a quick update on the EU VAT feature we had launched. Some European countries have mandated EU VAT to be applicable on domain names. If you missed the previous update you can click here. With the new implementation, you can choose whether to charge VAT on Domains if this applies to you.

How to enable EU VAT for Domain Names?

You can enable EU VAT by logging in to your control panel -> Settings -> Finanace & Billing -> Configure Tax Rules, under this, use the checkbox to Charge EU VAT for Domain Names

Tax Settings for EU VAT

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