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Launching Next Week: CodeGuard & Supersite Express Flow

Over the past few months we have rapidly expanded the portfolio of security products that you can offer to your customers on our platform and this month we present CodeGuard – a cutting edge website backup solution and SuperSite Express – a feature that will shorten product purchases by you on behalf of your customers by upto 70%!

CodeGuard - Website Backup Solution

The internet is filled with continuously evolving threats of various forms and with varying motives. Every approach to addressing these threats should be two-pronged at a minimum:

  • Prevention – our previous launch Sitelock helps you address this
  • Recovery – CodeGuard helps your customer tackle this

To ensure a robust, reliable web presence for your customer, you need to offer quality web hosting, web attack prevention and recovery solutions and with CodeGuard you can now project yourself as a complete web security services provider! With our extremely competitive prices you also stand to make great margins You can start offering CodeGuard to your customers starting 23rd September 2014.

How CodeGuard Works:

An Award Winning website backup product, CodeGuard uses five very simple steps that every customer of yours can understand with ease:

  • Connect Site – To gain access to the website code and files
  • Initial Backup – At the time of install
  • Monitor – For any changes in the code
  • Backup Again – for every change that happens on the website automatically!
  • Restore – In case of a need, use a 1-click restore to any previous version!

Plans & Prices

Features Basic
Storage Space
1GB 5GB 10GB 25GB
No. of Websites
Upto 5 websites Upto 10 websites Upto 25 websites Upto 100 websites
Annual Price
$11 $29.88 $53.88 $101.88

Important: SuperSite and API users, please make note of the following

List of Supersite Changes for CodeGuard:Click here
List of API Changes for CodeGuard: Click here

Please note that the Knowledgebase is the authoritative source and reference for API calls and this document is provided for your convenience to start preparing your website ahead of the actual product launch. The knowledgebase will be accessible to you after the Signups are completed.

Signups for Codeguard will happen on 23rd September, so you will be able to set up prices on your control panel so that you can start offering the product to your customers. In case you do not have Automatic Signup for new products enabled, you will need to signup manually before you can set pricing.

SuperSite Express

Designed especially for our Resellers, this new power tool is for power users who place orders for their customers frequently. If you frequently place orders on behalf of your customers, you don’t need to navigate through multiple pages and dismiss upsells on the SuperSite while placing orders anymore. The SuperSite Express encapsulates the purchase process on a single page in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose a product and plan
  2. Enter your Customer’s email address (or Create a new Customer Account)
  3. Choose an Invoice option for your Customers

Once placed, every order will be activated automatically.

This feature will be launched on 22nd September and there will be no changes on your existing SuperSite or API. This tool is specially designed for you and your Sub-Resellers only. Your Customers will continue to be directed to your SuperSite or custom storefront, as per your specifications.

For now, the SuperSite Express supports all Products except IDNs, Nexus TLDs, Premium Names, Bulk actions, Dedicated and Managed Servers and SiteLock. But we’ll keep building on this tool to introduce faster flows for your most common tasks and actions.

We’re excited to be releasing this new tool and hope it makes your work easier and faster.

In case you require any information regarding this email, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Team ResellerClub

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